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UMT - Congress

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Breakfast sponsoring: KJ Tech Services GmbH, an Intertek Company
Congress kit: ISP Salzbergen GmbH & Co. KG

  • Check-In/Exhibition opening
  • Opening
    Dipl.-Ing. Edwin Leber, Managing Director, UNITI-Kraftstoff GmbH
    Welcome by: PURAGLOBE Germany GmbH (Day Sponsor)
    Greetings: Immo Kosel, Speaker UNITI Lubricant Committee, ROWE MINERALÖLWERK GMBH
  • Plenary session: Climate-neutral driving in 2050: Options for the complete defossilisation of the transport sector. Considerations based on results of the “FVV Fuels Study 2018”
    Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kramer, Technical Specialist Fuels, Ford-Werke GmbH
  • Future Powertrain Concepts in the view of VDA
    Dr. Jakob Seiler, Environment Department, Verband der Automobilindustrie e. V. (VDA)
  • Networking Break
  • Future Fuels – Overview and Challenges for Additivation Strategies
    Dr. rer.nat. Svetlana Crusius, R&D Department, ERC Additiv GmbH
  • Europe’s refinery landscape post Covid 19- Impact to fuels and base oils
    Kevin Schäfer. CEO, Argus Media Germany GmbH
    Catherine Caulfield, Global Base Oils Manager, Argus Media Limited
  • Create the right legislative framework for eFuels - now!
    Ralf Diemer, Managing Director, eFuel Alliance e.V.
  • Lunch
    Sponsor: Chemlube SA
  • Cleanliness of Fuels and Lubricants, Test Methods and Cleanliness Classes
    Michael Schumacher, Technical Manager, PAMAS Partikelmess- und Analysesysteme GmbH
  • Fuels and Lubricants testing under real road conditions - Challenges and Solutions
    Simon Kraneburg, Senior Business Development Manager, KJ Tech Services GmbH – An Intertek Company
  • Elastomere-Compatibility of Fuels & Lubricants – Challenges and Test Methods
    Dr.-Ing. Matthias Adler, Head of Global Material Development & Engineering Services Oil Seals Industry, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies GmbH & Co. KG
  • Networking Break
    Sponsor: Zeller+Gmelin GmbH & Co. KG
  • Next Generation PAOs to Improve Fuel Economy and Automotive Fluids Performance
    Dr. Sven Meinhardt, Global Synthetics Technical Advisor, ExxonMobil Chemical Central Europe GmbH
  • Versatile Group I replacement strategies based on Naphthenic blends
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Norrby, Senior Specialist / Technical Manager – Lubricants, Technical Manager – Tyre and Rubber Oils, Naphthenics TechDMS, Nynas AB
  • Rerefined base oils - Contribution to the formulation of sustainable lubricants in the sense of a circular economy
    Dr. Detlev Bruhnke, CTO, AVISTA Oil AG
  • ´After-work´-Drink
    Sponsor: PLI (Netherlands) B.V.
  • Get-together
    Sponsor: Lubrizol Deutschland GmbH
  • End
Thursday, November 04, 2021

Breakfast sponsoring: KJ Tech Services GmbH, an Intertek Company
Congress kit: ISP Salzbergen GmbH & Co. KG

  • Check-In
    Exhibition opening
  • Greetings 2nd day
    Dipl.-Ing. Edwin Leber, Managing Director, UNITI-Kraftstoff GmbH
  • Quantifiable Value From Frictionless Data Access
    Jörg Spanke, General Manager Lubricants Technical Service, Shell Global Solutions (Deutschland) GmbH
  • MB BeVo goes digital- Online Presence of the MB Approval Process for Operating Fluids
    Claudiu Seician, BeVo/ BEAM Project Management, Mercedes-Benz AG
  • Sustainability – Challenge and Chance for the Lubricant Industry
    Markus Garb, Vice President Sustainability, FUCHS PETROLUB SE
  • Networking Break
  • Wind of change in the lubricant market
    Dr. Harald Maelger, CEO, Afton Chemical GmbH
  • Characterization of E-fluids from laboratory analysis to the test bench
    Dr. Gunther Müller, Head of Analytical Laboratory
    Rico Pelz, Fachkoordinator Labor E-Fluid Analytik, APL Automobil-Prüftechnik Landau GmbH
  • Formulating Challenges to Meet Future Passenger Car Engine Oils Requirements
    Walter Hartgers, Formulator, Chevron Oronite S.A.S.
  • Lunch
  • An Overview on Coolant Technologies and Forthcoming Performance Challenges for Combustion Engines and Electrical Drivelines.
    Dr. Andreas Haas, OEM Support Manager Europe, Arteco NV
  • The Future of Vehicle Fluid Specifications – Introducing the International Fluids Consortium (IFC)
    Michael Kunselman, Business Development Manager, The Center for Quality Assurance
  • Networking break
    Sponsor: Chevron Oronite SAS
  • Formulation of advanced industrial gear oils
    Dr. Gabriela Fedor, Growth Initiatives | Lubricant Additives, Evonik Operations GmbH
  • Novel Additive Technology for Defoaming and Air Release
    James Sullivan, IFL Global Technology Director, MUNZING NORTH AMERICA, LP
  • Closing
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